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  1. What We Do
    We care for you and your family at all stages of your journey. We do that by helping you with comprehensive estate planning and long-term care planning, tailored to meet your needs and wants, not one-size-fits-all. That could include a will-based plan, a trust-based plan, medicaid long-term care plan, or combination of all. It will include solid protection for your children in the event of an emergency; health care and financial advance directives in case of your incapacity; protection for your home and assets if desired; and will specify your wishes regarding artificial life support. Most importantly, it will include, if you desire, the passing down of your stories, experiences, insights, and values in an audio-recording.
  2. What if?
    How many times have you thought to yourself that you need to get your will done? That maybe you need a trust, but you're not sure? Name guardians for your kids? Get a power of attorney prepared? Your document instructing your loved ones on your wishes regarding artificial life support? Discuss how you can prevent your family from financial destitution should you need nursing home care? Now is the time! Give the gift of planning and peace of mind to yourself and to your family. You (and they) will be so happy you did.
  3. Why We're Different
    Planning at Maastricht Law Offices is not about obtaining a set of cookie-cutter documents and going on your way. We listen, we educate, we empower; we are serious about designing a plan that actually fits your unique family; about making sure that your plan works; all of your assets are listed and accounted for so that they don't revert to the state; assets are titled as they need to be; your assets are protected and your family protected from financial devastation due to a nursing home stay; and your plan is reviewed at least every three years. Further, we encourage communication with us, and we help you memorialize your most important assets, which are your stories, experiences, insights, and values.
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