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  1. Wills
    A properly drafted, witnessed, and notarized will instructs the court as to how to distribute your assets when you die. A will can also name a guardian for your children (this should NOT be the only place that the guardian is named), and it can also establish a trust that is to take effect upon your death.
  2. Trusts
    Trusts are an excellent vehicle many things, such as: -Avoiding the often lengthy, expensive probate process; -Protecting assets in divorce; from creditors or lawsuits; from a beneficiary's addiction; your kids' lack of financial maturity; -Protecting assets from Medicaid spend-down; -Minimizing estate and capital gains taxes; -and much more.
  3. Third-Party Special Needs Trusts
    Do you have a loved one, whether family or friend, who has special needs? Such as on the autism spectrum, or Down's Syndrome, or physically disabled? Would you like to provide funds for your loved one to enhance his or her life? A Special Needs Trust ("SNT") (called a Third-Party SNT because it is funded by persons other than the beneficiary) could be the perfect vehicle. And importantly, a properly drafted and administered Third-Party SNT will not interfere with your loved one's receipt of government benefits.
  1. Probate and Trust Administration
    "Probate" is the court-run process of gathering a decedent's assets, paying claims made to the estate, and distributing the remaining assets/money to the people and/or charities named in the decedent's will; or if the decedent didn't' have one, then according to the "will" that the legislature wrote for him or her, which is set out in the Florida Statutes. Trust Administration involves assisting the trustee with carrying out the trust's directives. It does not involve the court, except in rare circumstances.
  2. Will and Trust Reviews
    Do you already have a plan in place? We would be happy to review your current plan and give you an honest assessment as to whether it is fabulous and consistent with the current laws and your wishes, or whether we recommend any changes. We do recommend that your plan be reviewed at least every three years to make sure that it is current with changes in the law and changes in your life. We provide this at no cost to our clients.
  3. First-Party Special Needs Trusts
    A First-Party Special Needs Trust is one that is funded with the beneficiary's own assets. The assets in the First-Party SNT are not counted for purposes of the beneficiary's government benefits. First-Party SNTs are common when the beneficiary receives a lawsuit payout or an inheritance. These trusts are highly technical and are NOT a DIY project. We would be happy to help you navigate these complex vehicles that can be an excellent tool for maintaining your benefits money for the extra things in life, too.
Proactive Medicaid Planning
Crisis Medicaid Planning
Often, the need for long-term care--whether in a nursing home, ALF or at home--becomes evident at a time when proactive planning is no longer possible. But that is okay.  There are many options available for helping you to qualify for Medicaid coverage while simultaneously allowing your spouse at home and family not to be left destitute. 

Call us today and schedule a time to discuss your options.  Don't delay--every day that goes by can result in thousands of dollars lost.   954-340-1551
Protect your home and your savings, and your spouse and dependents from financial destitution, by planning in advance for your long-term care needs. 

The average cost of a nursing home stay in Florida is $9,171/month.  In South Florida, it is often more than $10,000/month.  With an average nursing home stay of 2-3 years, that can easily wipe out your family's resources.
With proactive Medicaid planning, you can protect your assets from the penalty imposed based on the 5 year look-back period. 

Come talk with us about options available to you based on your unique situation.  Most importantly, there is a lot of misinformation out there about the Medicaid rules.  We will give you the straight scoop and a clear roadmap.  954-340-1551