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What would happen to your kids in an emergency?
You work hard everyday to keep your kids safe and provided for.  One thing that often gets overlooked in the busyness of day-to-day life is preparing for an emergency.

Scenario:  You and your partner are out to dinner and the kids are at home with a trusted babysitter.  You told the sitterthat you'd be home at 11:00 pm, and gave her your cell phone numbers in case of an emergency.

Eleven pm comes and goes and no sign of you and your partner.  After about 30 minutes, the sitter starts to get nervous and calls both of your cell phones.  No answer.  By midnight, she is in panic mode.  There are no instructions on whom to call, and the babysitter doesn't know of any local family members.  She calls her own mom and asks what to do.  By  now, it's 12:30 am.  Her mom says to call the police.

The police are there by 12:45 am.  The kids are sound asleep.  The police do an information search and find out that there was a serious accident on the nearby highway involving fatalities.  The police call the nearest trauma center to find out if there is a positive ID on the decedents.  Yes there is, and it is you and your partner.

The kids are woken up, the distraught babysitter helps to find them some shoes, and they are taken by police car to SafePlace at 1100 McNab Rd.  SafePlace is the shelter to which all children in Broward County who are removed from their home due to neglect, abuse, or abandonment--or emergencies such as this--are brought.  Your kids will be "processed," and they will wait.  If no local family can be found quickly, and no Will or other enforceable document can be found quickly that names guardians, they will be sent to a foster home.

I am a licensed foster parent and can sincerely say that the foster parents I know are wonderful people.  However, it is traumatic for the children.  Not only have they lost their parents in the blink of an eye, they were taken from their home with only the clothes on their backs, to an impersonal shelter, and then to a strange home to live with people they've never met.

Although thankfully rare, this does happen.  A similar case recently played out like the above in Coral Springs.  I will avoid details here
to protect the privacy of the child, but it was awful.  The extended family, who all lived out of state, ended up fighting over who should
get custody of the child.  The decision maker:  the court.  And the decision that the court made was not the decision that most of us would have made.  The child was in foster care for many months while the family fought it out.

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Don't let your children end up with strangers in the event of an emergency.